Welcome !

The major focus of this new research group is on biochemical and biomolecular simulations, involving DNA, RNA, protein, and viral molecules.  Computer simulations are based on fundamental laws in classical physics, physical chemistry, quantum and statistical mechanics, and quantum biochemistry.  Applications and implications can range from biocatalysis and biotechnology to rational drug design, molecular medicine, and the origin of life.

We hope after reading other pages on this website (e.g., Research Interests and Publications), there can be a better idea of our highly interdisciplinary research that involves advanced knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.

Currently, multiple openings for different positions are available in our young research group.  Click here for more details.

P.S. What does “pi-silico” mean ?
There are triple meanings of “pi” : (1) the greek letter π,   (2) Principal Investigator,   (3) Path Integral.
And “in silico” means “via computer simulations” (see, e.g., Wikipedia).

Contact: wongky [at] hkbu.edu.hk , kiniu [at] alumni.cuhk.net