About Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been my home.  It is a major international modern city in Asia.  Six universities in Hong Kong are actively doing frontier research in science.  By taking the advantages of being a British colony for more than 100 years and locating in an ideal geographic position for the incredibly developing China, Hong Kong still has a lot of potential to be (much) further explored and developed.

Even after the handover back to China, jurisdiction in Hong Kong is still completely independent of the government (e.g., people can sue Hong Kong government).  And freedom of speech remains intact (e.g., any websites, including Google, YouTube, and Facebook, are all browsable in Hong Kong).  In addition, due to the existence of the highly reputed ICAC, i.e., the Independent Commission Against Corruption, corruption in Hong Kong is quite minimal.

Lately, Hong Kong has been awarded “2012 most livable city“, given by the Economist Intelligence Unit.  Moreover, the GDP of Hong Kongthe length of life of Hong Kong people, and the Human Development Index of Hong Kong have always been among the top places over the world.  And for sure, Hong Kong is one of the safest places to live in this world [PDF].

More information about Hong Kong can be found at: Wikipedia  and  Hong Kong Tourism Board .